Professional Liability Insurance for Healthcare Professionals

Physicians aren’t the only healthcare professionals in need of professional liability insurance, especially since physicians are never the only ones named in a claim. Those claims often involve many other healthcare professionals, including nurses and nurse practitioners, occupational therapists, and counselors.

Professional liability insurance coverage provided through Acadia Pro can help you gain peace of mind at your job, whether you’re at work or currently between jobs. Here’s everything you should know about professional liability insurance for healthcare professionals.

Does having professional liability insurance make me more likely to be sued?

Absolutely not. Having professional liability insurance protects you in the event that a patient is insured and your name is involved with the patients’ claim and care. Not having professional liability insurance could leave you open to tens of thousands of dollars in attorney fees, court costs, and more.

Why should I get a professional liability insurance policy if the operating physician has a malpractice plan? Doesn’t my employer’s insurance also cover me?

Without knowing the specifics of your plan, it’s risky to assume that someone else’s insurance or your employer’s insurance will cover you. While it’s possible you may be covered in some other way, your own professional liability insurance policy provides you a safeguard against allegations of malpractice.

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