Why should you get professional liability insurance?

If you work in the healthcare industry, you probably already know that having professional liability insurance protection can be an integral part of defending yourself and your business. Accusations of negligence or the failure to perform services are things that any office or healthcare organization can be sued for, even without any mistake.

Acadia Pro Insurance Agency specializes in helping protect and defend the healthcare industry from malpractice lawsuits.

Helping Healthcare since 1994

Acadia Professional Insurance Agency specializes in defending the healthcare industry, including:

  • Physician Practices, Large and Small
  • Single and Multi-Specialty Practices
  • Multi-State Physician Groups
  • Allied Healthcare Professionals
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Imaging Centers
  • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Integrated Healthcare Organizations
  • Risk Purchasing Groups
  • Captive Insurance Programs

Additional coverage benefits

  • Monthly payment options: Spread out your payments (with no fees) to help manage your cash flow.
  • Work completed by temporary staff is covered: Our professional liability coverage includes work done by full-time employees and temporary staff, as well as independent contractors.
  • Past work covered: Unlike some of our competitors' policies, our professional liability insurance covers unknown claims arising from work completed before you were even insured with us, back to an agreed date.
  • Worldwide coverage: North, south, east or west, Acadia will protect you as long as the claim is filed in the U.S., one of its territories or Canada.
  • Claims responsiveness: In the world of professional businesses time is of the essence, especially when you need to make an insurance claim. If a covered claim is filed, Acadia will immediately defend you even if the claim has no basis and, if necessary, appoint an attorney.

Why choose Acadia pro?

We specialize in professional liability insurance, also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance, for the healthcare industry.

  • Tailored coverage: We specialize in businesses like yours and tailor coverage to the risks in your field.
  • Coverage for contracts: Our errors & omissions coverage satisfies most standard contract insurance requirements.
  • Fast and simple: Online quotes or speak to a licensed agent – immediate coverage.

Learn more by getting a FREE quote from Acadia Professional Insurance Agency.

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